Code of conduct

Registration for, access to, and participation in any society-sponsored event represents an agreement to abide by the policies below.

Policy on harassment and discrimination

SSB Standalone Meetings are intended to foster the respectful exchange of scientific ideas, providing participants with an opportunity to present research findings, establish/renew collaborations, recruit people to their laboratories, and learn, teach, and network with an international community of evolutionary biologists. The Society of Systematic Biologists (SSB) is committed to creating an environment where everyone can participate without experiencing harassment, discrimination, or similar unwelcome, exclusionary behavior. All meeting participants must treat others with respect and consideration. Registration for the meeting is considered an agreement to abide by the SSB Meetings code of conduct.

Harassment of others by any participant (attendee, speaker, volunteer, exhibitor, staff member, service provider, organizer, moderator or meeting guest) will not be tolerated. Unacceptable treatment of others includes (but is not limited to) unwanted verbal attention, unwanted touching, verbal or physical intimidation, stalking, shaming, or bullying. Discrimination or exclusion on the basis of gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, physical appearance, race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, or similar will not be tolerated. Critiques of scientific work are appropriate and important, but all forms of communication must be free of offensive, discriminatory or disrespectful elements, including (but not limited to) words and images that are derogatory or demeaning to individuals or groups [1]. Inappropriate comments presented in a joking manner constitute unacceptable behavior. Retaliation for reporting inappropriate behavior is also unacceptable, as is reporting an incident in bad faith.

People wishing to report a violation of this code of conduct should contact our Organizing Committee. Incidents of inappropriate and uncivil behavior are taken extremely seriously. Confidentiality will be maintained unless disclosure is legally required. UNAM deems acts of discrimination of any kind to anyone unacceptable and a gross violation of student and staff codes of conduct. There are many resources available on campus, in particular regarding UNAM's gender equality and anti-discrimination policies, including trained staff know as "community orienters", or POCs. Please reach out to María Angélica de la Paz Ramírez Roa at if you need specialized support and attention.

The SSB Standalone Meeting organizers and Society executive officers reserve the right to enforce this code of conduct in any manner deemed appropriate. Anyone violating the code of conduct may be: (a) asked to stop, (b) prohibited from posting their presentation on society- or conference-sponsored websites and outlets, (c) expelled from the in-person meeting (without refund), and/or (d) prohibited from attending future in-person or virtual meetings or events. Establishing and enforcing this code of conduct is intended to prevent incidents of harassment, discrimination, and violence, and to maintain the high quality of scientific discourse.

Please refer to the Safe Evolution page for detailed information about SSB’s efforts to create a safe and inclusive environment at our meetings and events.

[1] Disagreements about science are normal and healthy parts of meetings. Civil and constructive criticism of someone’s work for a perceived methodological flaw or a misinterpretation of results is appropriate. Demeaning a scientist for being sloppy, misleading or stupid and other ad hominem attacks are inappropriate.

Safety policies


Following UNAM COVID-19 official guidelines (, as of August 2022 vaccination will not be mandatory on campus, therefore it is not mandatory for SSB 2023 attendees. However, we recommend participants to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as per US CDC and Mexico’s COFEPRIS guidelines. An individual is considered fully vaccinated 14 days after the final dose in their primary series. See the CDC website (here for the definition of fully vaccinated as well as up-to-date recommendations. In addition to CDC-approved vaccines (Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson's Janssen), a number of vaccines have been authorized for use by the WHO; see the full list (here. Moreover, Mexican health authorities allow Sputnik V. You will not be required to present proof of vaccination to pick up your name badge o any meeting materials. Nevertheless, see masking guidelines as UNAM does require facial protection and proper ventilation during indoor events.


While at the meeting, UNAM dictates that attendees wear a mask in all indoor public spaces except when eating or drinking. We strongly recommend that attendees wear the most protective mask possible (e.g. N95 or KN95).


For the safety of all attendees, the SSB Standalone Meetings are ‘weapons free’ and all conference participants, including staff, volunteers, and attendees, are banned from possessing any object or substance intended to cause injury to others, including but not limited to firearms.

Policy on liability

SSB shall not be responsible for defamatory, offensive, or illegal conduct of any participants, and shall not be held liable for or damage of any kind suffered by participants at, or in connection with, the event. By registering for and attending the event, each participant acknowledges that they have read this Disclaimer, and expressly releases SSB and its board members, directors, officers, employees, or agents and SSB 2023 organizers from any and all liability in connection with such an event as provided herein.

Broadcasting policy

SSB supports communication and discussion of science. Information presented at the event may be reported and discussed by participants, as well as science writers via blogs, Twitter, or other formats. Registration constitutes consent to audio and visual recording (and use and alteration of the recording) by SSB (or those it authorizes) for non-commercial purposes aligned with the SSB’s mission. However, we ask that recordings of events (in whole or in part) are not posted by participants unless explicit permission is granted by SSB (note that we grant permission for presenters to record and distribute their own presentation as they wish). Events that are recorded will be announced in advance of their posting by the event organizers, Society executive officers, or their designates.