Mexico City, as any of the major metropolis, has a plethora of cultural, food, and sightseeing options. A couple suggestions on the southern side of the city and close to UNAM are the 16th Century neighborhoods of Downtown Coyoacán, home of attractions such as Frida Kahlo’s iconic Blue House, and Downtown Tlalpan.

Transportation to and from lodging and UNAM Campus is easiest with Uber and Didi averaging ride times of 10 minutes for 100-200 pesos (5-10 USD). Using public transport for Coyoacán you can ride the green Metro line to “Viveros” station and walk east 1.9 km (1.2 mi) for aprox. 25 minutes. For Tlalpan you can ride the Metrobus to “Fuentes Brotantes” station and walk east 1 km (0.6 mi) for 12 minutes. Metro rides are 5 pesos (25 cents US) and Metrobus are 6 pesos (30 cents US), but purchasing a Metro-Metrobus card and loading money on automatic kiosks on every station is necessary to ride. Driving is quite convenient but parking can be often a little expensive, as lots charge 40-60 pesos per hour (2-3 USD). Off-street parking is not recommended as it can be scarce and sometimes there are break-ins or accessories are stolen, especially at night.

Outside of UNAM vicinity, three areas are world famous and visited by millions of tourists each year. Every area is filled to the brim with restaurants, bars, museums and sightseeing opportunities:

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Zócalo area and Historic Downtown Mexico City - Instituto de Biología
Zócalo area and Historic Downtown Mexico City
The beating heart of the country. The place that houses the ancient ruins of Tenochtitlan, the Aztec capital, colonial 16th Century architecture, and where the President of Mexico resides, harboring hundreds of years of world history. Driving and particularly parking is complicated due to traffic, whereas public transport is simplest. By subway, from UNAM you can take the green line and transfer to the blue line on “Hidalgo” station to “Zócalo” in about 55 minutes. If stopping before at “Bellas Artes” station you can visit the XIX arts palace and the central grove garden and walk to downtown. By Metrobus from UNAM on Line 1 you transfer also to Metro subway on “Hidalgo ” on the blue line to “Zócalo” which takes approximately 1:10 hr. Uber is also a possibility but depending on the time of day it can be a long ride (time could vary greatly from 20 minutes to one hour, averaging 300 pesos or 15 USD). Driving is another option, and parking can be done in lots and with meters being the cheapest way (coins are necessary).
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Chapultepec area museums - Instituto de Biología
Chapultepec area museums
Where the national museums and the financial district meet. Mexico’s most important museum, the National Anthropology Museum, Chapultepec Forest (similar to NYC Central Park with houses the National History Museum inside the only real castle in the country) and Latin America’s largest banks are all within walking distance. The easiest way to reach this area by public transport is very similar to the instructions above, you also take either the Metro green line from UNAM or the Metrobus Line 1 and on “Hidalgo” station you transfer to Metrobus “Museo de Antropología” station on Line 7, taking also an average of 1:20 hr. Uber rides can be convenient and similarly priced to those of Zócalo depending on traffic and time of day. Driving can be complicated due to scarce off-street meter parking and expensive lots.
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Roma-Condesa - Instituto de Biología
The most popular/desirable/hipster neighborhoods in Mexico City. Initially a summer-house area for wealthy people escaping busy Downtown at the turn of the 20th Century and a mix of Belle Époque, Art Nouveau and Deco architecture is now a favorite of artists, musicians, digital nomads local and international alike. It probably has the largest density of galleries, cafes, bars and restaurants in the city and has the busiest nightlife in town. It is where Academy award winning director Alfonso Cuarón filmed his eponymous drama. As can be expected, this area has many bike rental options and lanes that allow for leisurely sightseeing and transportation around.
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