The Ant Diversity of the MesoAmerican Corridor (ADMAC) project is a four-year collaborative initiative that aims to improve knowledge of ant diversity and evolution in Central America. The project emphasizes montane lineages and uses an integrative approach, combining morphology, biogeography, and phylogenomics, to delimit species and infer evolutionary history. In my talk I will (1) give an overview of project ADMAC, (2) describe the UCE phylogenomic pipeline that is being developed, and (3) present results comparing the biogeography and evolution of the ant genera Stenamma and Adelomyrmex, two lineages which have diversified in the cloud forests of MesoAmerica.

Ph.D. Michael G. Branstetter
University of Utah
Martes 24 de Mayo de 2016, 11:00 hrs
– Auditorio del Jardín Botánico del IBUNAM
Coordinador de Seminarios: Alejandro Oceguera Figueroa